For 2019 the income requirements, the IND application fees and court fees have been adjusted.

The most important income requirements from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019 (gross per month excluding holiday allowance):

To stay with spouse or partner and to work: 1.615,80 euro

For highly skilled migrants: younger than 30 years: 3.299 euro, 30 years or older: 4.500 euro and following an orientation year for highly skilled migrants, or within 3 years after graduating or work as a scientific researcher: 2.364 euro

EU blue card: 5.272 euro

More information and other income requirements can be found here.


The most important application fees for residence permits in 2019:

To stay with family member, spouse or partner: 171 euro

Recognition as a sponsor: 3927 euro, start-ups and companies with maximum 50 persons: 1963 euro

Highly skilled migrant, EU blue card and work in employment: 285 euro

Work as a self-employed person: 1348 euro, Start-up: 326 euro,
and extension work as a self-employed and start-up: 361 euro

Study: 171 euro

Verification against EU community law: 57 euro

Permanent residence permit: 171 euro

Becoming a Dutch citizen by naturalisation: 881 euro, multiple persons 1124 euro, minor children together with parent 130 euro

More information and other fees can be found here.


The court fees for appeal cases, higher appeal cases and interim injunctions in immigration-cases in 2019:

At the court: 174 euro private persons, 345 euro companies

At the Raad van State (higher court): 259 euro private persons, 519 euro companies