Family reunification

If you wish to live in the Netherlands with your non-European spouse, (unmarried) partner or child, you need a residence permit.

A number of conditions apply:  you and your family member need to have a long-term and exclusive relationship, you need to have sufficient income for at least one year and your partner must have passed the civic integration examination abroad.

However, in some situations these conditions do not apply. The (minor) child is not required to take this integration exam and partners who come from certain countries, as well as partners who already have a Dutch residence permit are exempt from taking this examination. An exemption from the civil integration examination also applies if your partner has certain diplomas or is able to demonstrate that he or she is unable to pass the exam due to very special individual circumstances. As a result of decisions of the European Court and the national Courts, the income-requirements are less restrictive than before.

The requirements are much less strict if you have EU-nationality from  another member state, or are a Dutch citizen who has lived in another EU-member state, together with your family member,

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