The way in which the Netherlands deals with immigrants corresponds to the treatment of the victims of the childcare allowance affair.

After I pointed out this parallel via my LinkedIn in January this year and also cited examples of the bad/worse legal position of foreign nationals in the Dutch legal system, this has also been taken up by, among others, the Specialists Association Migration Law Lawyers (SVMA).

Research has been carried out by various scientists and the Immigration law Advocacy has presented a collection of all kinds of examples of the human suffering caused in this area of ​​law to the House of Representatives and the Council of State. In the media, in addition to NOS and also in most of the major national newspapers (see, for example, the articles in Trouw, NRC, Volkskrant, Parool and AD – all in Dutch language -), and in various talk shows on TV, this has been addressed.

It is to be hoped that this has permanently awakened the executive power (government / IND) as well as the judiciary (courts and Council of State) and legislative power (the government and the House of Representatives and the Senate) and that in immigration law, too, there is attention for humanity. In any case, it is now conscious, known and heard and hopefully also justice instead of injustice.